Who We Are

We are the Polly family. Coming from California where we are known for the ability of even our young children to propagate and grow rare edible plants or take down elusive game with hand-made weapons, our independent outdoor lifestyle is the envy of the community as society further destabilizes. Learning to feed our kids on one income in the second most expensive state necessitated an intimacy with the environment in a way that few can appreciate. Gathering cuttings and seed to grow food and raw materials for primitive archery equipment develops an appreciation, knowledge, and dependence of the ecosystem that can be described only as love. From this love spawned a stewardship lifestyle that’s led us on a journey of discovery, adventure, and empowerment.

In this modern world of low attention spans, the Polly kids can ride for 10 hours straight in a car, completely entertained by the scenery because of their environmental awareness and enthusiasm. The financial strain of raising a family on one income has led us to pioneer creative gardening techniques and find unknown plants to supplement our diet. Add to that Sam’s lifetime experience as a soil scientist, agronomist, college soil science teacher, and former arborist, trained and influenced by an extremely diverse group of industry-leading professors and environmental professionals, and the Prosperity Grove concept was born. The Prosperity Grove lifestyle has produced the next generation of leaders in the Polly kids, who now use their discipline and stewardship expertise to teach the community crucial life skills.