Prosperity Grove will enhance visitor’s lives by sharing unique, life-changing principles that will equip individuals to better experience:

  1. Joy – by enhancing your life experiences in, and understanding of, the natural world.
  2. Appreciation – of the overwhelming beauty, variety, and complexity of the environment that God created for our enjoyment and provision.
  3. Health – discovering natural, fresh, unprocessed, super food sources unavailable to mainstream society.
  4. Food Security & Independence – when the power goes out and the market fails, you can rely on your own food growing in a resilient, ecosystem-based landscape rather than the vulnerable, modern, high-tech distribution system.
  5. Peace – in sharing stewardship knowledge, engaging our environment, and loving our ‘neighbor,’ we discover a fulfilling peace that crosses barriers.
  6. Prosperity – environmental engagement and stewardship requires humility and service...the opposite characteristics of the divisive “me” society being driven by politics, social media, and advertising. As we look to what benefits others and the environment, rather than our own selfish gain, we find a unique balance that works.
    The take home lesson being ignored by modern society is that without obedience to God, there can be no lasting prosperity. Despite being proven by countless cultures throughout history, this obedience-prosperity connection is continuously ignored by societies worldwide. While we pray that our leaders will learn this lesson before they demolish what our founding fathers built, Prosperity Grove visitors will have the opportunity to make the connection between obedience to God and prosperity in their own lives as they learn timeless Biblical principles. Jesus was the ultimate servant example and expression of love. By following His example we find a fulfillment and prosperity few have experienced.
  7. Growth and Perseverance– struggling families or marriages, along with those simply seeking something more in life, will find a unique platform to challenge their inner struggles at Prosperity Grove. Frustrated, hopeless, depressed, or discouraged? Never give up! Sign up for one of our bow-making or gardening classes and see what miracles might happen. Faith and patience are not our nature. When we learn to wait on God and ask for miracles...they tend to happen. Then we experience something the masses are missing. We ARE the reality TV show...without all the commercials!
  8. Redemption – the most important message underlying the Garden of Eden project is the story of eternal salvation that unfolds after the first man and woman sinned against God when they broke His law. In the ‘Me’ society fostered by our media and entertainment industry-driven culture, countless individuals have been robbed of a personal relationship with the Creator. Our vision is to see many make the connection between the natural world around us, and the guiding hand of our loving Creator. Once we realize that our lies, thefts, adulterous hearts, blasphemies, and covetous hearts have broken God’s law, the good news that we can be saved from our sins that would separate us from God and land us in hell, should be a no-brainer. Upon receiving the salvation God has provided through Jesus Christ, we are guaranteed eternal life in heaven. This is the gospel. This is ultimate prosperity.