Our Facility

Prosperity Grove will be an approximate 75 acre base of operations where we teach a range of outdoor topics from land assessment to gardening for long-term survival, and from primitive archery craft to shelter building. A beautiful two-acre Garden of Eden will be surrounded by natural resources managed to accent the garden ecosystem. The Garden will be a one-of-a-kind botanical display of eco gardening methods showcasing unique edible crops. A school in itself, guests can learn ancient gardening principles overlooked by modern society whether walking the self-guided tour, attending a formal tour, or following our website. Camping will eventually be available for visitors wishing to enroll in one of our two to four day courses, with cabins and resorts in the area if more amenities are desired.

To sustain ourselves so we can build and manage the garden, we will operate an outdoor school focused on backwoods skills and eco gardening. Course offerings will include construction and use of log cabins, primitive archery equipment, survival shelters, and slingshots, along with eco gardening courses such as soil management, plant propagation, site assessment, and eco garden planning and installation. See our projects page for more course offerings.