Prosperity Grove is a one-of-a-kind platform to equip today’s overloaded individual or family to increase fulfillment and security despite busy schedules or strapped budgets. Struggling to survive in the second most expensive state in the country, our family of nine finally conceded to popular demand for a public exhibit of the skills, adventure, and lifestyle we’ve attained. After hearing, “You guys MUST have your own reality TV show!” for the thousandth time, we realized it was time to share our dream with those seeking higher level gardening, outdoor, and land management skills. Prosperity Grove currently resides on this website, but will soon reside in both the internet and real world, for you to glean inspiration and knowledge at your convenience. Upon procuring funding to purchase the land, Prosperity Grove will become a living school where you engage the environment on self-guided tours, guided tours, or two-hour to four-day classes. In the meantime, feel free to drop by our website and check for new blogs, photos, or updates. See the Projects tab for descriptions of our three projects aimed at awakening a heightened appreciation of life and our world, challenging your concept of our place in the environment, and empowering you with the skills, perspectives, and knowledge to enjoy a more prosperous life. As we build prosperity into our lives and environment, we create a legacy for the next generation and increase fulfillment in our own lives. These projects include a diverse selection of unique garden and nature-related skill sets that build a deeper relationship with the environment and provide insurance for your survival in an unstable world. Projects include the living Garden of Eden, the Legacy Makers Outdoor & Survival School, and the Poor Family’s Guide. Even if you can’t visit the Grove or employ these practices on your own, we invite you to follow our adventures online as members of the Prosperity Family.

Core Topic Groups:

  • Eco Gardening & Land Management
  • Outdoor & Survival Skills
  • Low Budget Garden & Outdoor
  • Outdoor Adventure